My Approach

I see therapy as an inherently paradoxical process. We want to feel better, but sometimes the only way to do so is through sadness, pain or anger. We go to therapy in order to achieve change, but at the same time we are pulled to stay the same because it feels so much safer. We want to expand our comfort zone, but can do so only by traveling to uncomfortable places.  In my view, successful therapy will allow you to achieve a greater range of possibilities in your relationship to yourself and others, professionally and creatively, by helping break through patterns that have held you back.


My goal in treatment is to create an environment where you feel safe enough to be challenged and where you can stretch yourself sufficiently to achieve lasting positive change. I view the process as a collaborative one, where you are the expert on what you are thinking and feeling and I am your partner in sorting through the contradictory impulses, behaviors and reactions we discuss. I am particularly interested in helping people examine conflicts within themselves and with others. I believe that with open exploration and conversation many of these conflicts can be re-conceptualized and understood instead as areas of creativity and growth.


My treatment approach has a substantial "relational" component. Among other things, this means that in my approach, while focusing on you, I am open to discussing my role in whatever happens in the room. The approach also tends to be more conversational and interactive than traditional psychoanalysis.

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